Detoxification involves the whole body – from each organ to the individual cell.

Are you ready? To schedule your detox program, contact Dr Andréa Proulx ND.

After a thorough assessement, Dr Proulx ND can tailor a specific detoxification plan that suits your needs. Your plan will include food modifications that focus on increasing liver function and digestive motility and that reduce inflammatory burden. Removal of certain foods may also be necessary for a short period of time.

Herbs in food, tea or capsules may be added to your plan to further support phase 2 of liver function. Many of the negative side effects that people report after having tried an over-the-counter boxed detox plan are a result of a lack of the nutrients required for phase 2 conjugation reactions.


DID YOU KNOW?….. About asthma

Tartrazine is a common food colouring additive also known as FD&C yellow #5. It is added to most processed foods – especially candy, gummies and sauces – and can even be found in vitamin preparations, pharmaceutical drugs and anti-asthma prescription drugs.  The concerns is that tartrazine promotes leukotriene formation. Leukotrienes are potent mediators of the allergic and inflammatory reaction through the arachidonic acid pathway and frequenly trigger asthma symptoms. Children are especially susceptible to tartrazine. Read your labels carefully, you will be surprised where you find FD&C yellow #5 or tartrazine.

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