Recipes and Nutrition Links

Recipes and Nutrition Links

Oh She Glows: vegan recipes by Angela Liddon

Nutrition Data: calories in food, labels, nutrition information

Katie’s Kitchen: gluten free recipes

Gluten-Free Goddess: great gluten-free recipes including sugar-free recipes

Elana’s Pantry: gluten-free recipes, includes substitution for baking

The Blender Girl: healthy and novel vegan, gluten-free recipes. Includes heaps of great resources.

Edible Harmony: Blog with recipes, and lots of helpful info on gluten-free, sugar-free cooking.

Serious Eats: Innovative recipes for kale from the food blog community.


Want to know more about gluten-sensitivities?

Read this article by Dr Steve Helms ND on Celiac disease and Gluten-Associated diseases


DIY: granola bars made just for you! View the recipe here.

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