5 Fun Fit Summer Activities

Summer is short in Ontario, so be sure to fully enjoy it!

Here are 5 fun, fit summer activities to get the most of out August. Don’t forget your sunscreen.


  1. Yoga outside – no one is stopping you from bringing your yoga mat out onto the lawn or the back deck. Bring along your tablet and have YouTube guide you through your practice. Gaia.com offers a multitude of on-line classes to increase your yogic experience!
  2. You’re never too old to skip! Skipping works on  your calves and forces you to use your core. Don’t fool yourself, while you may have spent your entire recess skipping, as an adult, start at 2 minutes and work up to a full song.
  3. Create your own bootcamp. Find a nearby park and climb the monkey bars, try a few chin-ups, jump or set-up onto stairs or benches. Run intervals between play structures or big trees. If you’re lucky, your park will have a splash pad to cool in.
  4. Go up, up, up. Hills are free and challenging. Walk or run up the full hill, or even a third. Use the walk down as recovery. Then repeat. Music is definitely recommended.
  5. Bike, swim or both! Ottawa has many bike paths to enjoy and Gatineau Park offers challenging hills and opportunity for speed. Better yet, bike to a lake or river and go for a swim.


Remember safety first kids! Be sure to bring these items along to ensure you enjoy your fitness fun:

  • Sunscreen
  • Lots of water
  • A small snack if you’ll be out more than 1 hour
  • Your ID in case of emergency


Have fun!

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