Are Fats the New Carbs?

Are Fats the New Carbs?
Are Fats the New Carbs?

How to Boost Sports Performance


Dr Andrea Proulx ND will explore the effects of carbs and fats on metabolism and discuss nutrient timing to maximize your workouts and athletic performance. Whether you’re new to fitness or looking to take your athletic abilities to the next level, Dr. Proulx provides insight into new trends in leading edge nutritional and supplement programs along with practical tips you can use. In this talk, you’ll learn practical knowledge for food shopping and meal planning for increased sport performance and the facts on fats as fuel vs carb use. You’ll gain a better understanding of how to use sports supplements and nutrient timing with a comprehensive note package that you can utilize to enhance your next workout.


High Proulx Nats jump 2 GTlights for Andrea’s lecture include:

• Understanding of the benefits of fats for athletic performance
• Applications of a ketogenic diet and very low-carb diets to improve body composition
• How to stimulate muscle gain for lean muscle or maximal power
• How to boost fat metabolism through specific nutritional plans
• Timing of eating before your workout for endurance or power athletes
• Which nutrients and supplements to ingest during your workout in order to maximize performance
• How to fuel your body to recover between multiple workouts or games in a day
• How to reduce muscle fatigue and recovery times
• What to look for in a high quality, effective sport supplement
• Demystifying the hype around sports supplementation



LOCATION: Institute of Holistic Nutrition – Ottawa Campus: 1547 Merivale Rd, Suite 430, Ottawa, ON

SESSION: Wednesday March 30, 2016

TIME: 6:30pm – 9:30 pm

FEE: $25 + HST


To register call the school at 613.680.9330 or email

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